Studio A has the largest floor area with 3 different sized and acoustically treated rooms. This studio is tailored for recording, with a wide range of preamps and top tier Analog to Digital conversion. Studio A is suitable for large sessions with 32 channels of I/O. Besides the 192 Khz / 24 bit digital multitrack recording analog tape recording is also possible.

Amek Media51 60ch mixing console
with Rupert Neve EQ And Preamp

Dynaudio M3
Yamaha NS10

Analog Recorders
Ampex ATR124 2" 24ch tape recorder
Studer A80 1/4' master tape recorder

Focusrite RED 2
Media51-Rupert Neve EQs

Protools HD3 Recording System
Apogee Symphony 32in/32out
Pro Tools 10 HD
Mac Pro with UAD Octo PCIe card

API 3124+
Avalon 2022
Neve 1073 DPA
2x Focusrite ISA110
Focusrite RED 1
Universal Audio 2-610
Avalon U5
Media51 Rupert Neve preamps